Where did the idea for MenuCoster come from?

Gavin Lovett spent his career working for hotels before venturing into smaller cafes and restaurants. It was in these smaller establishments that he realised the need for profitability when his wages were cancelled and he was told he was being paid a percentage of the profit. He set about the long task of costing recipes manually and establishing which menu items were profitable. The only problem was that a week later food prices had all changed. He saw the need for a better way which was how MenuCoster was born!

Whats next for MenuCoster?

We’re listening to users feedback and have some exciting new features just around the corner!

Who uses MenuCoster?

MenuCoster is used by all sectors of the foodservice and hospitality industry from retail and fine dining through to education and healthcare including operations of all sizes from hotel groups, restaurant chains, schools, universities, to caterers and childcare.

License opportunities

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